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2010 Archives


Congratulations to John Buz


On Sunday, December 5, 2010, - East Allen Township Fire Fighter Jon Buz was honored for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.  A Court of Honor ceremony was conducted to recognize John's outstanding achievement.  A number of members of the fire department attended.  Pictured from left to right are Assistant Fire Chief Ray Anthony, Fire Fighter Adam Grube, John Buz, Fire Chief Barry Frantz and Fire Marshal John McDevitt.










Fire Prevention Week 2010


On Friday, October 8, 2010, - The 1st group of 35 youngsters from St. John's Nursery School, and quite a few parents and teachers attended a morning of fire safety education and a lot of fun.  The 2nd group from The Wonder Kids Day Care Center attended a late morning session.  The children watched videos, interacted with a firefighter in full protective gear, toured the fire station and apparatus, witnessed a demonstration of Ladder 4621 in action, and got to squirt a fire hose.  Everyone seemed to have a great time -- children, parents and firefighters alike.   See additional Photos.







Water Rescue on Beth-Bath Pike

PA Route 512 closed due to flooding


On Friday, October 1, 2010, -  At 07:43 hours, EAFD was dispatched for a water rescue.  Chief 4651 requested Brush 4647, which is a 2 1/2 ton military type truck, to respond to a residence to assist in removal of several occupants from a home which was completely surrounded by rising flood waters from the Monocacy Creek.  Everyone was safely removed without incident.  Northampton Fire Department's (Fire 42) water rescue team was dispatched but not utilized.  The units cleared the scene within 1 hour.  See Lehigh Valley Live







Command: Fire Chief 4651

Units: Brush 4647 and QRV 4642

Mutual Aid: EMS 46 and Fire 42 (Northampton)




Code 3 for a Cure Foundation

Firefighters United Against Cancer


On Tuesday, September 28, 2010 the East Allen Fire Department was expecting to host the Code 3 for a Cure Foundation on their 2010 Mission of Honor and Hope.  Instead due to mechanical difficulties, the Code 3 founder Lorenzo Abundiz was forced to stay with us for several days.  It has been an honor and privilege to get to know this man and learn about the Code 3 Foundation.

Please take a few minutes to visit the Code 3 for a Cure Foundation website, and support them if possible.  See additional Photos.








Fire on Goldcris Lane


On Sunday, July 18, 2010, -  At 15:53 hours, EAFD was dispatched for a dwelling fire.  Chief 4651 requested a full first alarm assignment and the first three tankers from the Tanker Task Force.  Fire 45 and Ladder 4221 were dispatched along with tankers from Stations 40 and 53.   A boat was on fire and which was next to the dwelling.  Chief 4651 took command.  Crews from Engine 4611 advanced a 1-inch handline which quickly knocked down and extinguished the fire.  Crews from Ladder 4621 removed the vinyl siding off of the outside of the garage. The units cleared the scene within 1 hour.  See additional Photos








Command: Fire Chief 4651

Units: Engine 4611, Tanker 4631 and Ladder 4621

Mutual Aid: Stations 40 (Bath), 42 (Northampton), 45 (Allen), and 53 (Hecktown)



Dumpster Fire at Northampton


On Monday, June 7, 2010, -  At 18:48 hours, EAFD was dispatched for a fire in a recycling center with Station 42 (Northampton).  Fire 42 requested Ladder 4621 and Tanker 4631.  Ladder 4621's master stream was used to extinguish the fire in the filtering system (bag house).  The units cleared the scene within 2 hours.









Command: Fire Chief 4251

Units: Ladder 4621and Tanker 4631



The East Allen Township Fire Department Receives a $500.00 Grant from LeBEAM

The LeBEAM Chamber of Commerce is a consortium of diverse Business enterprises representing the communities of Lehigh Township, Bath, Chapman, Moore Township, and East Allen Township East of Airport Road. They endeavor to establish and maintain a strong economic environment. Their goal is to advance the common interests of the business community in their membership area.

The fire department is in the process of replacing current gas meters. The $500 grant will help fund the purchase of one specialized instrument used to detect dangerous gases in hazardous situations, in addition to protecting the lives of the general public and the firefighters.  See News Release.


Free Smoke Detectors for families who qualify or families in need

(You must reside in East Allen Twp. or one of the other participating communities.)

Free smoke alarms are being made available through a program coordinated by the Pennsylvania Fire Commissioner and WFMZ-TV, 69 News.   The long-life lithium battery detectors are part of a grant program intended to help low income residents, the elderly, and families with children.

 WFMZ-TV has dubbed the program, Operation Save a Life.  The terms of the grant require local fire departments to physically install the detectors in residents' homes, and the East Allen Township Fire Department has volunteered to take part in this effort.

There are a limited number of detectors available.  In order to apply to receive free detectors, visit the WFMZ website at  www.wfmz.com/sponsors/23003153/detail.html

If you are selected to participate in the program, you will be contacted by a representative of the fire department.  Please ask for ID before allowing anyone into your home.



Structure Fire at Keystone Cement


On Saturday, April 24, 2010, -  At 22:00 hours, EAFD was dispatched for a structure fire.  Fire Chief 4651 went on scene at Keystone Cement and took command.  Fire Chief 4651 requested a full Tanker Task Force response.  Ladder 4621 arrived the scene and pulled a 1 3/4 attack line into the area of the fire.  Engine 4611 set up a draft operation out of a portable pond and fed Ladder 4621.  The main ladder was not put into operation.

The fire involved a coal elevator and the rubber belting of a coal conveyor.  The adjacent coal bunker was spared any significant involvement.  There was some equipment damage but no structural damage.  No plant personnel or firefighters were injured.  See additional Photos.







Command: Fire Chief 4651

Units: Ladder 4621, Engine 4611, Tanker 4631, and Rescue 4641

Mutual Aid: Stations 15 (Hanover NC), 40 (Bath), 42 (Northampton), 45 (Allen), 47 (Lehigh), 48 (Moore), 52 (Bushkill), 53 (Hecktown), 54 (East Lawn), 12 (Laury's Station LC), and 16 (Neffs LC)



Dwelling Fire at Suzanne Way with Han-Le-Co Station 33


On Saturday, April 10, 2010, At 19:45 hours, EAFD was dispatched to a dwelling fire with Han-Le-Co Station 33.  Ladder 4621 was requested and arrived on scene.  The crews from Ladder 4621 completed three (3) ventilation holes in the roof.  Engine 4611 was also requested to the scene for additional manpower.  Crews from Engine 4611 assisted with extinguishment and overhaul.  The units cleared the scene within 3 hours.  See additional Photos.



Command: Fire Chief 3301 (Han-Le-Co)

Units: Stations 46 (E. Allen NC), 45 (Allen NC), 33 (Han-Le-Co), 15 (Hanover NC), 11 (Greenawalds LC), 5 (Coplay LC), 2 (Catasauqua LC)






Fire Fighters Awards 2010


On Friday, April 9, 2010, an awards ceremony was held to recognize the many educational achievements, years of service milestones, and outstanding performance.
















Forest Fire on Blue Mountain with Lehigh Twp. Station 47


On Friday, March 19, 2010, At 13:00 hours, EAFD was dispatched to a brush and forest fire on the Blue Mountain with Lehigh Twp. Station 47. The units cleared the scene in about 8 hours.  The images below show Brush 4647 on top of the mountain.  The image to the right shows the truck in action with several lines deployed. See additional Photos.






Command: Fire Chief 4751

Units: Brush 4647, QRV 4642, ATV 4645, Tanker 4631



Motor Vehicle Accident with reported entrapment on Hillside Road


On Sunday, Jan. 24, 2010, At 12:35 hours, EAFD was dispatched for an MVA with entrapment on Hillside Road. The vehicle was on its side.  Fire Police 4693 arrived on scene first advising that road conditions were icy/slippery and the patient has been self-extricated resulting in negative entrapment.  Fire Chief 4651 arrived on scene and took command.  Crews from Rescue 4641 provided a battery disconnect on the vehicle involved, and traffic control. The units cleared the scene within 1 hour.




Command: Fire Chief 4651

Units: Rescue 4641 and Engine 4611

Mutual Aid: EMS 46, PSP


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