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2014 Archives

Congratulation to Jason and Mandy

Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Hadinger and Mandy went and got married! We wish you all the best.


Structure Fire on Canal St., Northampton Boro

Tuesday November 4, 2014, - At 14:48, Fire 46 was dispatched for a Structure Fire with Fire 42 (Northampton). Tower 4621 and Tanker 4631 responded. The crew from Tower 4621 set up and started ventilation on the roof. Additional fire 46 crews provide fire extinguishment and assisted with overhaul.




Structure Fire on Washington St. in Walnutport Boro

Sunday November 2, 2014, - At 12:13, Fire 46 was dispatched to assist Northampton County Station 44 (Walnutport) for a working Structure fire. Tower 4621 responded. Crews from Tower 4621 provided assistance with interior attack and overhaul.


Two Structure Fires on Horwith Dr. in Northampton Boro

Saturday November 1, 2014, - At 11:03, Tower 4621 was dispatched to assist Fire 42 (Northampton) at the scene of a structure fire at building. Tower 4621 was put into service with an elevated master steam. Later Fire 46 was again requested for assistance at the same location.




Dwelling Fire at Crane St., Catasauqua Boro

Saturday July 26, 2014, - At 11:54, Fire 46 was dispatched for Rescue 4641 to respond for a dwelling on Crane St., Catasauqua Boro. Crews from Rescue 4641 assisted Catasauqua Station 2 with manpower with overhauling.











MCI Training in Northampton Boro

Saturday July 26, 2014, - At 07:15, Fire 46 was dispatched for Rescue 4641 to respond to an MVA which was part of a training exercise. Crews from Rescue 4641 assisted Northampton Fire 42 with manpower for heavy rescue. The scene involved a LANTA bus rollover onto a car.



VFW Firefighter of The Year

Deputy Fire Chief Marc Wisniewski

Congratulations Marc on your outstanding achievement



Congratulation to Jon and Trista

Firefighter/Paramedic Jonathan Butz and Trista recently tied the not. Best wishes to you both.


Congratulation to Marc and Chrissy

Deputy Fire Chief Marc Wisniewski and Chrissy also decided to get hitched. Again we wish you all the best.


Dwelling Fire at Bullshead Rd.

Friday June 20, 2014, - At 11:46, Fire 46 and Fire 45 were dispatched for a dwelling fire on Bullshead Rd. with a report of fire showing from the second floor. Quickly additional fire agencies were dispatched including Fire 42, Fire 15, Fire 43, Fire 47 and Fire 53 from Northampton County and Lehigh County Stations 33 and 2. Chief 4651 took command. As the fire was quickly knocked down with a Blitz Fire line, interior crews made their way to the second floor and attic and the exterior attack was halted. There were no injuries. Additional stations were called for move up assignments including Northampton County Fire 14 and Lehigh County Fire 34 and Fire 32. Unfortunately the home did not have working smoke detectors.




Brush Fire at Airport Rd.

Thursday May 24, 2014, - At 14:21, Fire 46, Fire 45 and Fire 40 were dispatched for a Brush/Forrest fire south of the mobile home park at 8220 Airport Rd. The fire was being pushed by high winds and traveled quickly across the wooded area buring about 4 acres in the process. Fortunately there were no injuries and no damage to any structures. A number of additional fire agencies took part in this effort including DCNR.



Forcible Entry Door Training

Monday, April 21 , 2014, - At 19:00 hours, Members of the East Allen Fire 46 and Allen Fire 45 took part in a joint training session on Forcible Entry. The session was conducted by Steve Schneider, and the training simulator was borrowed from the Allentown Fire Department.


Vehicle Fire on Bath-Beth Pike

Tuesday, April 15 , 2014, - At 18:27 hours, East Allen Fire 46 and Allen Fire 45 were dispatched to a vehicle fire on Bath-Beth Pike. Chief 4651 arrived on scene and took Command. Crews from Engine 4611 pulled 1 3/4-inch hand line. Tanker 4631 supplied Engine 4611 with water. Crews from 4512 assisted with extinguishent. The incident cleared in approx. one hour. The fire remains under investigation.


Easter Egg Hunt at Bicentennial Park East

Sunday, April 13 , 2014, - At 13:00 hours, East Allen Fire 46 held their annual Easter Egg Hunt at Bicentennial Park East. Numerous eggs, lots of candy and beautiful weather were enjoyed by all, including the Easter Bunny.


Dwelling Fire assisted Upper Nazareth Twp.

Monday, March. 4, 2014, - At 20:31 hours, EAFD was dispatched as part of a 1st alarm assignment and Tanker Task Force wih Fire 54 (Upper Nazareth Twp) for a dwelling fire. Engine 4611, Tower 4621 and Tender 4631 arrived on scene together. Crews from Engine 4611 and Tower 4621 staged at the manpower pool. Engine 4611 also set up a drafting operation at the entrance to the development. Units remained on scene for approx. two hours.



MVA on Howertown Rd.

Saturday, March. 1, 2014, - At 08:34 hours, EAFD was dispatched with Fire 45 (Allen Twp.) to report of MVA, vehicle into building. There were no serious injuries and no entrapment. The structure sustained some minor structural damage and was evacuated as a precaution. The incident cleared in approx. one hour.











Dwelling Fire on Main St., Northampton Boro

Friday December 26, 2014, - At 23:34, Fire 46 was dispatched for a Dwelling Fire with Fire 42 (Northampton). A full responds requested. Rescue 4641 and Engine 4611 responded. Fire 46 crews provided assistance with fire supression operations.

Saturday December 27, 2014, - At 06:12, Fire 46 was dispatched for a Dwelling Fire with Fire 42 (Northampton). Tower 4621 requested for a Dwelling fire. Tower 4621 was put into service to extingush the fire 3rd floor and roof area.




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