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According to a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) survey, 71% of households have a fire escape plan, but only 47% of those have practiced it.

This year's Fire Prevention Week theme, "Not every hero wears a cape. Plan and practice your escape. TM". In a typical home fire, residents may have as little as one to two minutes to escape safely from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Escape planning and practice can help them make the most of the time they have, giving everyone enough time to get out. It is also a must that your home has working smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors.

- Fire is FAST! In less than 30 seconds, a small flame can turn into a major fire.

- Fire is HOT! If you inhale the super-hot air in a home fire, it will scorch your lungs.

- Fire is DARK! If you wake up to a fire you may be blinded, disoriented and unable to find your way around your home.

- Fire is DEADLY! The odorless, colorless fumes from a home fire can lull you into a deep sleep. You may not wake up in time to escape.

Watch the linked pictograph on how to make a simple Home Fire Escape Plan.

Above material provided by NFPA, FEMA and East Allen Township Fire Department.



Passing of Retired Firefighter Frederick 'Fred' Halupka

We are sadened to learn of the passing of retired Firefighter and past President Frederick 'Fred' Halupka on October 24, 2019. Fred served the department and East Allen Township community in several capacities for more than 20 years. Rest in peace Fred.





Fourth Annual PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride

Saturday September 6, 2019, - East Allen Twp. Volunteer Fire Department was honored to host the riders of Fourth Annual PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride this afternoon. PA EMS Memorial Bike Ride






Fireworks in Northampton

Saturday July 13, 2019, - Fire 46 assisted with Fire 42 with standby during fireworks display at Northampton Community Days.





Dwelling Fire in Northampton

Saturday April 6, 2019, - At 11:47, Fire 46 was dispatched for a well-involved Dwelling Fire with Fire 42 (Northampton). The initial report indicated possible entrapment. Tower 4621 responded and was put into service to help extingush the fire. Units remained on scene for approx. three hours. Other fire stations responding included Fire 45 (Allen Twp.), Fire 43 (N. Catasauqua), Fire 47 (Leigh Twp.), Fire 15 (Hanover N.C.), Fire 14 (Nancy Run), Fire 39 (Whitehall L.C.), Medic 49 (Northampton Regional EMS) and EMS 46 (East Allen Twp.). Thanks for covering the areas of Allen Twp., East Allen Twp. and Northampton from Fire 33 (Han-Le-Co), Fire 5 (Coply L.C.) and Fire 48 (Moore Twp.)



Firefighter Awards

At the 3/28/19 East Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting, three of our members were recognized for their actions at a fire earlier this year. They were presented with Medal of Valor awards by Fire Chief Barry Frantz.. The situation begins at a working structure fire where Tower 4621 had been dispatched. Upon arrival, there was a firefighter hanging out a third story window. He had been cut off from his escape route by the fire, and was in grave danger. There was no time to set up the aerial ladder, so Fire Lieutenant/EMT Josh Schmoyer, Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Hadinger, and Firefighter/EMT A.J. Quiteles quickly went into action and extended a ground ladder as close to the window as they could, but came up a little short. Then they extended the ladder beyond its design range by hanging on the halyard to ensure that the ladder would not retract. The trapped firefighter was able the exit the fire headfirst down the ladder. He sustained burn injuries and was hospitalized, but survived thanks to the prompt decisions and actions of the three firefighters. Lt. Schmoyer will receive his medal at a later date as he is currently serving our country as a U.S. Marine.




New Holmatro rescue tools and Bullard thermal imaging cameras

The Officers and Members of the East Allen Twp. Fire Department are pleased to announce that over the last 2 years we've received two Assistance to Firefighter Grants (AFG) and two Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner Grants (OSFC).

With the awarded funds given to us through these grants we were able to purchase and replace aging and obsolete hydraulic rescue tools with new Holmatro hydraulic rescue tools, aging thermal imaging cameras with new Bullard thermal imaging cameras, and replace the garage doors on the fire station.




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