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Information updated March 9, 2010

The East Allen Township Fire Department was formed in 1976 by a small group of township residents who saw a need for improved fire protection for this growing community.  Among this group were a former industrial firefighter, John Copek, and several members of neighboring fire departments who lived in East Allen Township.  In 1977 the organization was chartered.  Soon after this, the fire department embarked on developing Master Plan for Fire Protection for the community.  This was the result of seeking assistance from an organization called PennTAP, or Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program out of Penn State.  William Arble, P.E., a fire protection engineer, of PennTAP provided us with assistance in developing this Master Plan.   The Master Plan helped us identify the fire protection needs of the community.

1978 training and equipping the fledgling department began.  Groundbreaking for the fire station took place on April 6, 1978.  At the same time we embarked on a major fund raising effort and succeeding in raising approximately $180,000 to build a station and purchase equipment. After about 8 months of rigorous training the department officially went into service on January 1, 1979 with a membership of about 25.  During our first year we responded to 42 calls.  The number has grown almost every year.  Today in an average year we do 200 to 250 runs.  In a busy year we may break 300 calls.  On April 7, 1979 the building was dedicated.

We began fighting fire with only two pieces of apparatus – a 1964 International 750 GPM Engine and a 1955 Dodge 2400 gallon used oil truck for a tanker.  During our first year of operation we acquired a utility truck as a Light Rescue Truck.  It soon became apparent that most of our calls were motor vehicle accidents and thus there was a growing demand for us to expand and improve our rescue capabilities.  We purchased a Hurst Tool, better known as the ‘Jaws of Life’.

As time went on the need for more equipment and the steady increase in the number of calls necessitated the replacement of apparatus.  The 64 International was replaced with a 67 Hahn Custom.  The 55 Dodge was replace with a 71 International Tanker.  Eventually this brings us up to today.  At present the department operates 6 modern pieces of equipment. 

The department has had a busy history with manpower as well.  We have attempted to set training standards for members.  All members are expected to complete Fundamentals of Fire Fighting, Basic Vehicle Rescue, Haz-Mat Technician and CPR.  Recently all members of the department completed training in the use of an Automated External Defibrillator or AED.  While we are not a primary EMS provider we provide support to East Allen Ambulance Corps, and we often provide first aid and patient care if we arrive on the scene prior to EMS.

Today we provide many services to the community both emergency and non-emergency.  These include:           


Fire Suppression

Vehicle Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

High Angle Rescue

Agricultural Rescue


Industrial Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training for Day care Staff

Fire Safety for School Age Children

Residential & Commercial Fire Inspections

Fire Pre-Planning

East Allen Township Fire Chiefs

1979 - Richard Wolfel

1980 - 1985 - John McDevitt

1986 - 2000 - Ron Check

2001 - 2002 - Michael Reinhart

2003 - 2005 - Scott Uhnak

2006 to present - Barry Frantz



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